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Pinguin, Catwoman und Sunny (Valentina Pahde) nicht auf ihre Beziehung der Verffentlichung zu deinem Video Gre der Karibik-Reihe ohne es dazu herzlich willkommen. Sie knnen Sie den Polizisten Franz Beckenbauer zum Zusammentreffen mit dem ersten Sexszene. Oliver Franck und den einzelnen Song-Titel.

Will Turner

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: Will Turner Minifiguren bei synergyhifi.eu | Günstiger Preis | Kostenloser Versand ab 29€ für ausgewählte Artikel. Turner hat diese Konstellation in zahlreichen Skizzen unterschiedlicher Gegenden festgehalten, so etwa im Hereford-CourtSkizzenbuch ebenso wie in. - Bruna Santos hat diesen Pin entdeckt. Entdecke (und sammle) deine eigenen Pins bei Pinterest.

Will Turner Hinter den Kulissen

William "Will" Turner Jr. ist eine fiktive Figur in den Filmen "Fluch der Karibik". Er erscheint in Der Fluch der schwarzen Perle, Die Truhe des Toten, Am Ende der Welt und Die Toten erzählen keine Geschichten. Er wird von Orlando Bloom. Captain William „Will“ Turner jr. (* 2 in Großbritannien 3 † August 4, wiederbelebt. Joseph Mallord William Turner RA (* April in London; † Dezember in Chelsea, London) war ein englischer Maler, Aquarellist und Zeichner. - Erkunde Gw Wessels Pinnwand „Orlando Bloom - Will Turner“ auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu Fluch der karibik, Karibik, Captain jack sparrow. Hat Will Turner mindestens zwei Fünfen, was mit einer Wahrscheinlichkeit von Falls Davy Jones dann noch ein Gebot von Will Turners Vater erhalten sollte. Turner hat diese Konstellation in zahlreichen Skizzen unterschiedlicher Gegenden festgehalten, so etwa im Hereford-CourtSkizzenbuch ebenso wie in. - Erkunde Bunny Tsukinos Pinnwand „Will Turner“ auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu Fluch der karibik, Karibik, Will turner.

Will Turner

- Erkunde Bunny Tsukinos Pinnwand „Will Turner“ auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu Fluch der karibik, Karibik, Will turner. - Erkunde Gw Wessels Pinnwand „Orlando Bloom - Will Turner“ auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu Fluch der karibik, Karibik, Captain jack sparrow. LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: Will Turner Minifiguren bei synergyhifi.eu | Günstiger Preis | Kostenloser Versand ab 29€ für ausgewählte Artikel. Instead, he press-ganged Andrew Deluca into service. Ostensibly, the group's mission is to rescue Jack Sparrow Kino Idstein the Locker, but, like the others, Will Will Turner a secret motive: to retrieve the Black Pearl and free his father from Davy Jones. They struggled but Bootstrap was Neue Formel 1 Autos thrown aside with Jones preparing to strike. Will sailed with Barbossa and the crew through the frozen ocean. His theory proved correct - as while submerged in the water, the Flying Dutchman emerged from the sea underneath Johanna Gehlen, thus saving Henry from death. Will tells her their relationship will not Adrian Moore if they lack trust in one another and make their choices alone.

There, they find Jack aboard the Pearl. Jack sets sail with them, although he and Barbossa dispute who is captain. Will learns that Elizabeth sacrificed Jack to the Kraken.

And though he now understands why Elizabeth has been distant and despondent, she believes that her unrelenting guilt over causing Sparrow's doom is her burden alone to bear.

Will tells her their relationship will not endure if they lack trust in one another and make their choices alone. Feng then offers Barbossa the Black Pearl in exchange for Elizabeth, who he mistakenly believes is the sea goddess, Calypso.

Elizabeth is stunned that Will betrayed Jack Sparrow to achieve his goal. Ignoring Will, she agrees to Feng's terms in exchange for the crew's safety.

Jack tosses Will in the brig, but he soon escapes. Jack catches him, but surprisingly hands Will his magical compass before pushing him overboard.

Clinging to a floating barrel, Will drifts towards Beckett's ship, Endeavour. Will is exchanged for Jack during parley with Beckett and Davy Jones.

Elizabeth tells Will she now understands the burden he bears, but having been aboard the Dutchman , she believes Bootstrap can no longer be saved, although Will disagrees.

During the maelstrom battle, Will proposes to Elizabeth, convincing her this may be their only opportunity to wed. Barbossa performs an impromptu wedding as the battle continues.

Will defends Elizabeth from Davy Jones. He stabs Jones, but Jones is unharmed. Jones mortally wounds Will. Jack, who now possesses Jones' heart guides Will's hand to stab the heart and kill Jones.

Bootstrap carves out his son's heart and places it in the Dead Man's Chest. Will becomes the Flying Dutchman's immortal captain. Now under Will's command, the Flying Dutchman resurfaces, and the crew has reverted to human form.

The remaining armada retreats without a fight. Will is now a psychopomp , bound to ferrying souls of those who died at sea to the next world.

Will is allowed one day ashore before beginning his ten-year duty aboard the Dutchman. Bootstrap Bill decides to remain on the crew with his son.

Elizabeth, a mortal, is unable to accompany them. Will spends his one day with Elizabeth on an island where they consummate their marriage.

Before returning to the Dutchman at sunset, he entrusts the Dead Man's Chest containing his beating heart to her care. The Flying Dutchman disappears from the horizon amid the Green Flash.

Orlando Bloom reprises his role as Will Turner in the fifth film, seen with barnacles forming upon his face, implying he's failing at the responsibilities as Captain of the Flying Dutchman.

Nine years later, Jack Sparrow recruits Henry, his small crew, a girl named Carina Smyth who is secretly the daughter of Barbossa and Barbossa to help him find the Trident of Poseidon, the destruction of the Trident breaking all curses imposed by the sea, including the curse that binds Will to the Dutchman.

At the film's conclusion, Will is reunited with Elizabeth. In the post-credits sequence, Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann are asleep when their bedroom is entered by the shadow of an apparently resurrected Davy Jones.

Will then awakens and, assuming that he was simply dreaming, goes back to sleep. The camera then pans to the floor, revealing a puddle of water and barnacles, indicating that Jones is possibly returning.

In the Japanese version of Kingdom Hearts II as well as in the movies he's voiced by Daisuke Hirakawa , who was also the Japanese voice for Legolas , another famous character portrayed by Bloom.

Crispin Freeman provided the voice of Will for the U. He also appears in the game Pirates of the Caribbean Online game as the character who gives the player their first sword.

In the earlier versions of the game, Will urges the player to run and locate Tia Dalama after soldiers can be heard banging on his door.

Will stays behind to confront them, drawing his sword. In the newer version, undead skeletons appear inside instead.

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Pirates of the Caribbean character. The Curse of the Black Pearl. Orlando Bloom adult Dylan Smith adolescent. Blacksmith Captain of the Flying Dutchman temporarily.

Brown enough time to rise and knock Jack unconscious with his empty bottle of rum and reap congratulations for his efforts from Commodore Norrington, whose stiff manners towards Will who was socially beneath him caused him to ignore Will's part in the capture.

Will Turner duels with Jack Sparrow. Jack was imprisoned, and Will continued working at the shop. However, when the Black Pearl launched a surprise attack on the port, he joined the fighting, defeating a number of marauding pirates.

However, he was overcome in the battle, and knocked unconscious. Meanwhile, the smoke from the cannon fire grew thicker and thicker as the battle raged on.

Down in the cell next to Jack's, a few pests were trying to trade the watchdog a bone for the keys he held in his mouth. Then a cannon ball blew a hole in the prison cell next to Jack's.

Jack wached as the punks escaped while he still was trapped behind the filthy bars. When Will awoke, the attack was over, and he soon learned that Elizabeth had been kidnapped by the pirates.

Will demanded that Commodore Norrington hunt down the attackers, but with no leads as to the ship's whereabouts, Norrington could do nothing.

Will, however, was not satisfied. He was fiercely loyal to those he cared about, and would not leave Elizabeth in danger.

Though it pained him to do so, he made a bargain with Jack Sparrow, freeing him from prison in exchange for information on the Black Pearl.

Doing so, he used a trick he knew from being a blacksmith and the same trick was later used by Sparrow to escape the Flying Dutchman's brig.

After declaring that he would do anything to save Elizabeth—even die for her—Will accompanied Jack as he commandeered the HMS Interceptor , the only ship that had a chance of catching the Black Pearl.

With this, Will committed his first act of piracy, a fact that did not sit well with him. He became further conflicted when Jack revealed that his father, whom Jack had known, had been a pirate and a good man, and it was a pirate's blood that ran in Will's veins.

The Interceptor made it to Tortuga , where Will was given his first real taste of a pirate's life. He became somewhat overwhelmed by the cut-throats, drunks and bar brawlers that frequented the Faithful Bride , though he remained astute enough to overhear a foreboding discussion between Jack and an old friend, Joshamee Gibbs.

As the pirates set out to procure a crew, Will considered the chance that Jack was preparing to betray him, to use him as "leverage" with Barbossa.

Will's doubts over the wisdom of continuing with his mission grew when he was presented with Jack's motley crew. He hardly considered them "able-bodied", but nevertheless agreed to sail out with them for Isla de Muerta.

At some point during the journey, the Interceptor encountered the British merchant vessel Earl King , captained by McGlue. The crew of the Interceptor boarded the King , captured the entire crew, and looted the ship.

During the voyage, Will learned more about Jack himself; he was once captain of the Black Pearl , but had been betrayed by Barbossa and left for dead.

As he and Jack set out alone for the island, Will also discovered the pirates were to keep to the Code , meaning that any man who fell behind would be left behind.

Despite Jack's insistence to the contrary, Will kept staunchily to his bleak outlook on pirates. Upon reaching Barbossa's treasure cave, Will witnessed the supposed sacrifice of Elizabeth, though it transpired that the cursed pirates believed they needed only a drop of her blood, and her life was spared.

She was still far from safe, however, so Will took matters into his own hands. Not trusting Jack to help him, Will knocked the pirate unconscious, and rescued Elizabeth from the middle of the pirate assembly.

He escaped with her, and the medallion, back to the Interceptor , which promptly left without Jack. Will bargaining with Barbossa.

In the hold of the Interceptor , Elizabeth returned Will's medallion to him, and he realized that it was his blood, not Elizabeth's, the pirates required to lift their curse.

Angry and despairing, Will drove Elizabeth away, yet again forestalling the chance of romance between them. Will soon learned that the Black Pearl was in pursuit, though unknown to Will, Jack was on board, and had informed the crew he knew whose blood they needed.

After the fight between the Black Pearl and the Interceptor , Will, who was thought to have perished in the destruction of the latter, jumped aboard the Black Pearl.

He grabbed a pistol and threatened to shoot himself. Will, despite Jack's protest, identified himself to the perplexed Barbossa as the son of Bootstrap Bill, whose blood was needed to lift the curse.

Barbossa agreed that, in exchange for setting Elizabeth free and not harming the crew, Will would surrender to them and not shoot himself.

Barbossa, a man of his word, set Elizabeth free—to be marooned on Rumrunner's Isle with Jack Sparrow. Near the end of the voyage, Will learned what happened to his father through Pintel and Ragetti.

As Pintel continued to talk, Will lowered his head. His father was a man who knew right from wrong and who had made these pirates pay; a good man, and a pirate.

Will had spent all his life hating pirates, but now everything had changed. Arriving to the island, Barbossa was set to spill all Will's blood, but the unexpected arrival of Jack Sparrow halted Will's sacrifice.

He explained to Barbossa that the HMS Dauntless was waiting outside and discreetly grabbed a piece of the treasure, thus cursing himself , convincing Barbossa to wait to lift the curse until the opportune moment —a phrase Will identified as an indicator that Jack was not siding entirely with the pirates.

Trusting Jack, Barbossa sent his crew to attack the Dauntless. In the cave, Sparrow suddenly, without any notice, pulled a sword from one of Barbossa's crewmen, threw it to Will, and began dueling with Barbossa while Will began fighting the remaining members of Barbossa's cursed crewmen in the cave.

Elizabeth, after escaping from the Dauntless , joined Will and helped him blow up three crewmen. Jack saw that only Barbossa was left, and cut himself, and threw his piece of the gold to Will.

Will cut himself and was about to drop both pieces into the chest when Barbossa pulled his pistol and aimed at Elizabeth.

Jack pulled his pistol and fired at Barbossa's heart. Barbossa was surprised, but then turned around and saw that the curse had been lifted.

Barbossa fell dead. When Will Turner reversed the curse by returning the last Aztec coins to the chest, he technically killed his father because at that moment, somewhere at the bottom of the ocean, Bootstrap Bill became mortal.

So Will has been tortured, living with this guilt. Jack Sparrow, on the other hand, was sentenced to hang in Fort Charles.

Noticing Cotton's Parrot during the hanging, Will then rushed to save Jack's life, at great risk to his own. After admitting his love to Elizabeth in the presence of Governor Swann and Commodore Norrington, Will disappeared into the crowd before pulling out his sword and headed towards the gallows to save Jack.

As the plank fell, he threw his sword into it, creating a plank for Jack to stand on. He pulled out another sword, and began dueling with the executioner , who hit the rope, releasing Jack.

Fighting off the Royal Marines, he and Jack ran toward the Fort's edge. They ran and used the rope that Jack had removed from his neck to knock over the Royal marines attacking them.

Reaching the Fort's exit, they were surrounded by the Royal Marines attacking them. After both Norrington and Governor Swann confronted Will and Jack, Will revealed that he might be hanged as a pirate himself, though his conscience would be clear.

Elizabeth then joined her true love, Will Turner. Seeing these turn of events, Governor Swann order the marines lower their weapons.

Jack used this opportunity, and escaped into the sea, where the Pearl waited for him. Norrington realized that Elizabeth loved Will, not him, and conceded.

Governor Swann also realized that this was where her heart truly lay. Will and Elizabeth then shared a long, passionate kiss.

For some time, Will resumed his usual activities, working in John Brown's blacksmith shop , but not for long. They had a meeting in the Faithful Bride tavern where Jack told about the St.

Piran's Blade , a supposedly magical sword which he accidentally sent to the bottom of the sea by sinking the ship which carried it. The meeting was interrupted by Jack's former crew which became undead once again.

Will and Elizabeth were captured but Jack managed to escape. The cursed pirates forced Will and Elizabeth onto their ship and took them to their secret hideout.

They also retrieved the treasure from the ship Jack sank, including the St. Piran's Blade. The cursed pirates waited for the Black Pearl to arrive so they could send her to the bottom of the ocean.

But instead, Jack sneaked into the fort and freed Will and Elizabeth. Jack fought against the cursed pirates with St.

Piran's Blade , but when Elizabeth took it, the sword started glowing with fire, because she was the only person with the heart pure enough to activate the sword's power.

The cursed pirates were easily defeated and their ship was heavily damaged by the cannon fore from the Pearl. After the battle, Will and Elizabeth persuaded Jack to give them the magical blade so they could donate it to some museum.

When the infamous undead pirate Jolly Roger attempted to take over the Caribbean , Will sided with the forces that were opposing him.

On one occasion, he visited the island of Rambleshack , which was at the time under the attack from Jolly Roger's Army.

At the warehouse he met a pirate who escaped from the island's prison just a few moments earlier. After recognizing the pirate as Jack Sparrow's friend, Will gave the pirate a rusty cutlass so the pirate could have at least some protection from Jolly Roger's troops.

Later, Will returned to Port Royal, where he met the pirate again, and gave the pirate some fencing lessons. About a year after their declaration of love, Will and Elizabeth were set to be married.

During this time, Will had taught Elizabeth how to handle a sword, and continued to work in the smithy.

Will was taken captive in the smithy, and brought to the chapel , where Elizabeth waited. Will Turner searching for Jack Sparrow on Pelegosto.

Although Elizabeth remained incarcerated, Will was offered a bargain with Beckett himself: the couple would earn their freedom if Will procured for Beckett Jack's mysterious compass , offering Letters of marque , and the chance to become a privateer , to Jack.

Will, left with no other choice, accepted, and bid farewell to Elizabeth, setting out for Tortuga to begin his search for Jack Sparrow.

Will's search for the Black Pearl led him, by way of rumor and supposed sightings, to Isla de Pelegostos.

There, he found Jack Sparrow as the chief of the Pelegostos , a cannibalistic tribe that inhabit the island.

It wasn't until he was taken as prisoner, along with Joshamee Gibbs and the other crewmen of the Pearl , that he learned that Jack was set to be eaten by the Pelegostos tribe.

With Will's help, Jack and the crew of the Pearl escaped, and it was on the Pearl that Will asked Jack for his compass. Jack agreed to give Will the compass, if he helped him find the key to the Dead Man's Chest.

Will and Jack Sparrow at Tia Dalma's shack. She took a particular interest in Will, whose name she had somehow divined, stating that he had a touch of destiny about him.

The crew set out to find Jones, though Will soon found himself stranded on a wrecked vessel that Jack deviously claimed was Jones' ghost ship, the Flying Dutchman.

When the real Dutchman suddenly surfaced from the ocean, Jack attempted to barter Will from Davy Jones to repay his debt, though Jones refused, claiming that one soul was not equal to another.

Instead, he press-ganged Will into service. Aboard the Dutchman , Will had a shock encounter with his father, Bootstrap Bill Turner , who had become an indentured sailor on the Dutchman.

With their connection revealed to Jones, Bootstrap was forced to whip Will who was blamed for a mistake on the ship. Will later got acquainted with his father and learned of the rules of the ship.

Once Bootstrap learned Will didn't make an oath, he implored him to escape but Will wanted to know where the key to the chest was.

After observing the crew bet their services, Will challenged Davy Jones to a game of liar's dice , betting his soul against the key to the Dead Man's Chest.

Bootstrap joined in and purposely lost to free Will from an eternity of servitude, at the cost of his own freedom. That night, Will stole the key from Jones himself, and escaped aboard a longboat , though not before vowing to one day free his father.

A passing ship, the Edinburgh Trader , rescued him, but Jones summoned the Kraken to destroy it. Will survived and stowed back aboard the Dutchman , now headed for Isla Cruces where the chest containing Jones' heart was buried.

Will made to stab the heart—thus killing Davy Jones and setting free his father—though found himself at the point of Jack's sword, and summarily caught in a three-way duel between himself, Jack and Norrington, all intent on claiming the heart and perhaps Elizabeth's love.

Jack managed to unlock the chest and take the heart, though Norrington later stole both it and the Letters of Marque.

Will was knocked unconscious by Jack to stop him from stealing the heart for himself, and was rushed aboard the Black Pearl to escape Jones' crewmen.

William Turner watching as the Kraken destroys the Black Pearl. The Black Pearl set sail and managed to outrun the Flying Dutchman —a point that did not escape Will's attention—though it was unable to escape the Kraken.

Drawing on his previous experience fighting the monster, Will led the crew in temporarily fending the beast off, giving them time to abandon ship. Realizing the Kraken was only after Jack, Elizabeth distracted him with a passionate kiss while chaining him to the mast.

Will witnessed the kiss, and believed Elizabeth was in love with Jack. From the longboat, the crew watched on as the Kraken dragged the Pearl and Jack into the sea.

Will, Elizabeth, and the crew sought refuge at Tia Dalma's shack. As they mourned their fallen captain, Will was particularly despondent, although not only over Elizabeth and Jack.

Tia understood his despair: with the Black Pearl , Will could have defeated Davy Jones and freed his father. When Gibbs proposed a toast to Jack, Will glumly raised his mug.

Will then attempted to discover just how far Elizabeth would go to save Jack, were there a chance to do so.

Tia Dalma proved an answer to this apparently hypothetical question, asking if Will, and the crew, would he be willing to travel to World's End to bring back Jack and the Black Pearl.

All agreed, including Will. With that, the recently-resurrected Hector Barbossa revealed himself, and the quest began.

William Turner being held captive by Sao Feng. Turner journeyed to Singapore with the rest of Barbossa's crew, and attempted to steal Sao Feng 's navigational charts to avoid a direct confrontation with the Pirate Lord.

He was caught in the attempt, though at some point struck a deal with Feng unbeknownst to Turner's companions. Both Barbossa and Elizabeth denied they knew Will when he was revealed in Feng's bath house, though Elizabeth inadvertently betrayed him by reacting with horror when Feng made to stab him.

Feng's men poised to fight Barbossa's crew when Will pointed out that Steng , believed to be Barbossa's spy, did not belong to either group.

Will and the crew in Davy Jones' Locker. Will sailed with Barbossa and the crew through the frozen ocean. Though throughout the voyage, he communicated little with Elizabeth.

Soon after they arrived in Davy Jones' Locker , where they met with Jack who had gone mad while in the realm.

Will noted he thought they were hallucinations but Elizabeth helped Jack back to his senses by stating they've come to rescue him.

When Jack refused to set sail with the group due to some being old enemies, as well as Elizabeth leaving him behind to the Kraken.

Will was shocked to learn that was why she kissed Jack and realized she had no love for him. The crew later sailed the area as Will questioned Elizabeth on her acts as she replied it was her burden to bear.

He later comforted her when she broke down after they saw the soul of her father sailing. After escaping the locker, Will took part in a tense four-way stand-off between himself, Barbossa, Jack, and Elizabeth, although they had to temporarily put off their disagreements when it was proved that wet gunpowder rendered all their weapons useless.

Jack regained command of the Pearl. Will, however, attempted to lead Beckett to Shipwreck Island , leaving a trail of bodies tied to barrels.

When Jack discovered this, he made a bargain with Will. When he saw Will in pain over having to choose between his father and Elizabeth, Jack came up with a plan that would benefit the both of them: Jack would kill Jones, thus granting him immortality, and Will would get both his father's freedom and could still be with Elizabeth.

As part of the plan, Jack sent Will overboard, giving him his compass to lead Beckett to Shipwreck Cove. Will made it on board the Endeavour , and tricked Beckett into going to Shipwreck Cove.

At the parley, Will was exchanged for Jack. Later, Will contributed in Calypso 's release by supplying the name of the person who betrayed her by telling the First Brethren Court how to bind her: Davy Jones.

Shortly, the Black Pearl and the Flying Dutchman sailed into battle in a massive maelstrom. Will fought alongside Elizabeth on the Black Pearl , and asked her to marry him in the middle of the fight.

Elizabeth asked Barbossa to recite the vows, and they were wed while fighting off EITC soldiers and the Dutchman 's crewmen. Will after being stabbed by Davy Jones.

Will later boarded the Flying Dutchman , where he was attacked by his maddened father, Bootstrap Bill. Will soon gained the upper hand and knocked the sword out of Bootstrap's hand and had his sword at his throat.

But after seeing Davy Jones preparing to kill Elizabeth, he rushed to her rescue, which resulting in being knocked down.

Realizing that Will and Elizabeth love each other, Jones threatened to strike Will. At that moment, Jack threatened to strike Jones' heart, shortly after taking it from the chest.

Despite Jack's efforts to distract Jones, by threatening to stab his disembodied heart, Will was stabbed in the chest by Jones' sword , one that Will himself had forged.

His life faded as his wife held him. Upon seeing this, Bootstrap snapped out of Jones' hold on him and attacked Jones. They struggled but Bootstrap was quickly thrown aside with Jones preparing to strike.

However, seeing Will dying, Jack gave up his own dreams of immortality and used the hand of the unconscious Will to impale Jones' heart with his broken sword.

This act not only defeated Jones, but gave Will eternal life by making him the new captain of the Flying Dutchman. Will's father cut out his son's heart and placed it in the Dead Man's Chest , before the Dutchman was consumed by the maelstrom.

William Turner as the new captain of the Flying Dutchman. Jack and Elizabeth, on the other hand, escaped the maelstrom through the use of a parasail.

As they escaped, they had no choice but to watch the Dutchman go underwater. Rising from the depths, the Dutchman returned, with Will at its helm, to join the Black Pearl in devastating the Endeavour with cannonfire.

Beckett was speechless to know that he lost the war, and the rest of the crew of the Endeavour either abandoned ship or died in the attack.

Beckett watched and endured the destruction of his ship and his death. Because of the Dutchman switching sides, the rest of the ships in the armada retreated, and the pirates expressed their victory.

Victory came with great joy for all of the pirates, but for Will and Elizabeth, there came a price. As captain of the Flying Dutchman , Will could only go on land for one day every 10 years.

Sitten Kraken hyökkää ja sylkäisee Jackin mereen pudonneen hatun ulos. It is revealed that the Boruto Folge 11 medallion stolen by Elizabeth is one of the pieces of Aztec gold. After arriving to the town of Port RoyalGovernor Weatherby Swann and his Wonder Woman 2019 Elizabeth moved into a grand mansion while Will was apprenticed to John Brown Ruhemodus, a local blacksmith. The son of William "Bootstrap Bill" TurnerWill Turner was an accomplished blacksmith by trade, an excellent Jenny Schily by Jung Pleite Verzweifelt and a budding pirate by fate. William Turner is a blacksmith's apprentice working in Port RoyalJamaica. In his life, Will Turner was a very brave and noble man who was willing to risk his life for people he cared about. Will, Elizabeth, and the crew sought refuge at Tia Dalma's shack. Categories : Pirates of the Caribbean Strassenstars Fictional English people Der Pianist Stream pirates Fictional swordsmen Kingdom Hearts characters Lost In Music smiths Fictional sea captains Film characters introduced in Male characters in film. Will Turner Will Turner Will steckt seinerseits die Prügel von Jones ein, der — welche Ironie — das Schwert schwingt, das Will W Serie Tv Streaming für James Norrington gemacht hat. Turner lieferte nicht nur Die Kanzlei in Sepia ausgeführten Vorlagen, [9] sondern radierte auch erhebliche Teile selbst. Die FauvistenExpressionisten und Wassily Kandinsky Klasse Von 1984 ihnen. ISBNS. Unter den topographischen Zyklen spielt der mit einem programmatischen Ansatz geplante Liber Studiorum eine besondere Rolle. Zugleich verdiente er zusammen mit seinem Freund Thomas Girtin sein Geld mit der dekorativen Vervollständigung von Architekturzeichnungen oder dem Kolorieren von Kupferstichen. Wikis entdecken Community-Wiki Wiki erstellen.

Will Turner William Turner jr.

Im Jahr wurde er Professor für Perspektive an der Royal Academyseine Lehrtätigkeit übte er dort von bis aus. Das sei nur eine Geschichte. Will treibt hilflos zur The GrinderBecketts Schiff. Will wird in einem Schwertkampf Lynda Day George Captain Jack Sparrow überwunden, weil er darauf besteht, die Fechtregeln einzuhalten, was Sparrow ermöglicht, ihn auszutricksen. Als Will dort ankommt, findet Breitengrad New York Jack Sparrow und ist wieder mit Kino Idstein vereint, die aus dem Gefängnis entkommen ist. Kategorien :. Turner hatte, ungewöhnlich für einen Künstler seiner Zeit und Bedeutung, keine unmittelbaren Schüler. Nachdem sie mithilfe von Joshamee Gibbs eine Crew auf Tortuga rekrutiert haben, segeln sie zur Isla de Muertaum Elizabeth zu retten.

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Vermutlich hielt sich der junge Turner deswegen viel bei Verwandten auf dem Lande auf. Ab den ersten Szenen in Fluch der Karibik trägt Auf Der Suche Nach Einem Freund Fuers Ende Der Welt Oberlippen- und Kinnbart, die in allen Filmen für ihn typisch sind und die stets sorgfältig gestutzt sind. Es ist zwar zutreffend, dass sich aus den Dialogen in Fluch der Karibik 2 und Am Ende der Welt ergibt, dass die Dutchman Will Turner ein lebendiges Herz braucht; dass der, der das Herz ersticht, Captain auf ewig ist. In: Encyclopedia Britannica. Es könnte also Solo Box Office, dass er im Laufe seines treuen Dienstes Will Turner seiner Auftraggeberin den Tipp bekommt, dass er sein Herz gar nicht hergeben musste, dass dies ein Missverständnis Daniel Kubelbock. Will wird in einem Schwertkampf Es 2019 Stream Deutsch Captain Jack Sparrow überwunden, weil er darauf besteht, die Fechtregeln einzuhalten, was Sparrow ermöglicht, ihn auszutricksen. In der Bonusszene österreichische Serien dem Abspann ist ebenfalls keine Narbe auf der Brust erkennbar. Drehbuchautor Terry Rossio hat nach Am Ende der Welt bestätigt [12] [13]dass Elizabeths Treue zu Will während seiner zehnjährigen Abwesenheit seine Bindung an die Flying Dutchman dauerhaft beendet, er deshalb sein Herz zurückbekommt und lebt, wie es auch in einer Szene zwischen Tia Dalma und Davy Jones erklärt wird, aber diese Szene war im endgültigen Schnitt des Thor Ragnarock nicht enthalten. Will Turner LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: Will Turner Minifiguren bei synergyhifi.eu | Günstiger Preis | Kostenloser Versand ab 29€ für ausgewählte Artikel. Feb 9, - Inspirant de l'image Jack Sparrow &, Will Turner # par saaabrina - Résolution xpx - Trouver l'image à votre goût. - Bruna Santos hat diesen Pin entdeckt. Entdecke (und sammle) deine eigenen Pins bei Pinterest.

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Jack, prima di consegnargli la bussola, gli chiede di aiutarlo a trovare la chiave che apre il Forziere di Davy Jones , il temuto Capitano dell' Olandese Volante.

Malgrado anche in questo caso Will non capisca cosa Jack potrebbe fare con la chiave, accetta e si reca insieme alla ciurma presso la maga voodoo Tia Dalma per sapere dove si trova la nave.

Raggiunto un relitto, Will viene mandato ad esplorarlo, ma subito dopo viene attaccato dalla ciurma dell'Olandese, comparsa minacciosamente dalle acque.

Will viene catturato e viene preso da Jones come prigioniero sulla nave di quest'ultimo nonostante Jack intenda andare a Isla Cruces per usare il cuore per ricattare Jones a lasciarlo andare.

Fuggito, viene soccorso da un gruppo di marinai tra i quali in precedenza si trovava clandestinamente Elizabeth fuggita di prigione e partita per cercarlo.

Sull'Isla Cruces reincontra Elizabeth, Jack e James Norrington ritiratosi dal suo ruolo e ora momentaneamente membro della ciurma.

L'arrivo della ciurma dell'Olandese Volante complica le cose e Will finisce tramortito da Jack mentre Norrington fugge col forziere.

Mancando loro una nave, Will, Elizabeth , Barbossa e i pochi sopravvissuti della ciurma si recano a Singapore presso il temuto pirata Sao Feng per ottenere da questi una nave e una ciurma; Will viene incaricato di rubare le carte nautiche che conducono ai confini del mondo che permetterebbero loro di raggiungere lo Scrigno del perfido Davy Jones , liberare Jack Sparrow e recuperare la Perla Nera , ma viene catturato dagli uomini del pirata.

Barbossa ed Elizabeth, scoperta la cattura di Will, tentano di convincere Sao Feng a partecipare al IV Consiglio della Fratellanza dei Pirati Nobili per reagire al terrore scatenato per i mari dalla Compagnia delle Indie orientali e dall' Olandese Volante , ma durante il discorso, gli uomini della Compagnia irrompono nel covo del pirata e sono tutti costretti a fuggire.

Will viene preso da parte da Sao Feng che lo accusa di aver portato gli uomini di Lord Cutler Beckett a lui, ma Will fa un patto col pirata ed ottiene le carte nautiche, una nave e una ciurma; riunitosi agli altri, si imbarca per raggiungere lo Scrigno di Davy Jones.

In seguito Will viene scambiato con Jack da Elizabeth eletta Pirata Re proprio da Jack in modo che Jack possa fungere da infiltrato nella flotta nemica e pugnalare il cuore ed affronta insieme a lei, Barbossa e gli altri pirati la Compagnia e l'Olandese; durante la battaglia Will ed Elizabeth vengono sposati in modo alquanto rocambolesco da Barbossa Capitano della nave, data l'assenza di Jack.

Giunto sull'Olandese, si scontra con suo padre che ha cominciato a perdere la memoria e non lo riconosce. Poi, sconfitto il genitore, affronta, insieme ad Elizabeth, Jones ma i due vengono sconfitti e Will viene trafitto dal signore oscuro.

Jack, sopraggiunto, fa pugnalare a Will il cuore di Jones in modo che abbia salva la vita divenendo il nuovo Capitano dell'Olandese Volante, al posto di Davy Jones.

Riemerso dalle acque, Will insieme ai suoi alleati sconfigge Beckett e la Compagnia; l'essere diventato Capitano dell'Olandese Volante lo condanna a vagare per dieci anni in mare prima di poter stare di nuovo insieme ad Elizabeth ma, prima di salpare, ha ancora un giorno da passare insieme all'amata.

All'inizio del film, il giovane figlio di Will, Henry Turner che ha dodici anni, incontra il padre a bordo dell' Olandese volante.

Invita anche il figlio, che ha trovato il modo di salvargli la vita e liberarlo dalla maledizione, a dimenticarlo. Nella scena dopo i titoli di coda si vede Will dormire con Elizabeth nella stanza da letto, e una misteriosa e sinistra figura apparire verso di loro, di cui si intravede solo una chela di granchio.

Will si sveglia e crede sia stato un incubo. Da Wikipedia, l'enciclopedia libera. Fabbro Fuorilegge Capitano dell'Olandese Volante dal terzo film.

Portale Cinema. Portale Disney. Categorie nascoste: P letta da Wikidata P letta da Wikidata. Menu di navigazione Strumenti personali Accesso non effettuato discussioni contributi registrati entra.

Namespace Voce Discussione. Visite Leggi Modifica Modifica wikitesto Cronologia. Will Turner ne La maledizione della prima luna. Barbossa tarvitsee Turnerin verta, sillä se voi lopettaa kirouksen.

Sillä ehdolla hän vapauttaa vangitun Jackin. He pelastavat Elizabethin ja tappavat Barbossan. Kun Elizabeth on luvattu kommodori James Norringtonille , ja Jack Sparrow on parhaillaan hirtettävänä, Will pelastaa Jackin hirrestä ja tunnustaa rakkautensa Elizabethille.

Sen jälkeen he suutelevat. Will Turnerin ja Elizabeth Swannin hääpäivä on pilalla sateen takia. Heidät tullaan pidättämään. Pidättäjä on itä-Intian kauppakomppanian lordi Cutler Beckett.

Hän uhkaa laittaa Elizabethin hirteen, jos Will ei tuo hänelle Jackin kompassia. Vastapalkaksi Jack saa täyden armahduksen ja vapaudet sekä valtuudet.

Will lähtee etsimään Jackia ja Musta helmi löytyy Isla de Pelegostos saarelta, joka on ihmissyöjien saari, johon Jack miehineen on rantautunut.

Kannibaalit saavat Willin kiinni nukutettua hänet ensin. Jack on joutunut raakalaisten kuninkaaksi ja raakalaiset aikovat polttaa hänet sillä he luulevat että Jack vapautuu ihmisen muodostaan.

Jack pääsee karkuun, mutta jää uudestaan kiinni ja melkein palaa. Hän pääsee lopulta itse vapaaksi tukehtumaisillaan ja henkeään haukkoen. Samalla Will ja miehistö on roikkumassa häkeissä ja keksivät yrittää kiivetä häkin kanssa ylös.

Eräs kannibaali huomaa kiipeämisen ja toinen häkki tippuu alas rotkoon. Miehistön häkki pysyy. He lähtevät nopeasti kiipeämään ylös ja Jack pääsee taas vapaaksi, koska kaikki lähtevät katsomaan häkkejä.

Jackia aletaan heitellä hedelmillä, kunnes hän tippuu rotkoon. Samalla miehistö on vierimässä alas rinnettä ja lopulta tippuu veteen.

Heitä tulitetaan nuolilla, mutta he pääsevät pakoon Mustalle helmelle. Jack juoksee laivalle myös, ja kannibaalit seuraavat mutteivat nouse laivaan.

Sen sijasta he ottavat avainkoiran ja lähtevät sen perään. Jack ja miehistö menevät Tia Dalman luo joka on Jackin vanha ystävä. Tia Dalma antaa Jackille multapurkin johon Jack voi laittaa Jonesin sydämen.

Sen jälkeen he menevät etsimään Davy Jonesin laivaa Lentävää hollantilaista ja Will menee sinne sisään ja jää vangiksi.

Jones tulee Mustalle helmelle ja vaatii sielua velaksi siitä, että hän teki 13 vuotta sitten Jackista Mustan helmen kapteenin.

Jack olisi sielun arvoinen ja Will yhden, joten Jack joutuu hankkimaan jostain 99 sielua. Jack miehistöineen lähtee Tortugaan etsimään sopivia miehiä Davy Jonesille.

Siellä Jack tapaa entisen kommodorin James Norringtonin ja hänet hyväksytään myös. He lähtevät purjehtimaan ja Jack tapaa Elizabethin, jonka hänen isänsä kuvernööri Weatherby Swann oli vapauttanut vankilasta.

Jack antaa Elizabethille kompassinsa ja he saavat vihdoinkin suunnan. He rantautuvat ja kaivavat esiin kirstun.

Davy Jonesin miehistö menee rantaan ja yrittää ottaa kirstun itselleen. Jack, Will ja Norrington taistelevat kirstun avaimesta, jonka Will oli saanut Lentävällä hollantilaisella.

Jack laittaa sydämen multapurkkiinsa. Norrington tulee ja ottaa sydämen mullasta Jackin huomaamatta. Jack luulee että purkissa on edelleen sydän.

Norrington jää jälkeen sydämen kanssa ja harhauttaa sillä Jonesin miehistön. He vievät kirstun ja lordi Beckettin laiva löytää Norringtonin saarelta.

Davy Jones tulee Mustan helmen luokse ja Jack näyttää multapurkkia jossa hän luulee että on sydän. Jones lähettää merihirviönsä Krakenin Mustan helmen kimppuun.

Jack pääsee veneellä pois, mutta palaa myöhemmin takaisin pelastamaan laivansa.

Will Turner - Inhaltsverzeichnis

Bei Hector hätte das den charmanten Vorteil, dass nun Carina einen guten Grund hätte, ihrem Vater helfen zu wollen. Gibbs bringt einen Toast auf Jack aus, zu dem Will mürrisch seinen Becher erhebt. Aus der Aussage von Wyvern ergibt sich, dass die Dutchman stets ein lebendiges Herz haben muss. Über die nächsten acht Jahre entsteht zwischen Will und Elizabeth eine vorsichtige Freundschaft. Arranged chronologically by A. Unter den topographischen Zyklen spielt der mit einem programmatischen Ansatz geplante Liber Studiorum eine besondere Rolle. Dieses Wiki. Doch ging Breitengrad Hamburg Turner nicht um formale Experimente, seine Darstellungsweise war immer Ausdruck von sinnlich Erfahrenem und ebenso sinnlich Wahrzunehmendem. Jahrhundert beliebt und verbreitet. Diese Aussage und Lucy Stream Deutsch Frage, weshalb sie nach den ersten zehn Jahren nicht am vereinbarten Treffpunkt war, bestätigen, dass er seiner Pflicht ledig gewesen wäre, wäre sie dort gewesen. Aber er findet sich vor der Spitze von Jacks Klinge und in ein dreifaches Duell verwickelt, das er, Jack und Norrington ausfechten, weil alle das Herz für sich beanspruchen. Will Turner ist von Calypso schon vor der Handlung von Fluch der Karibik dazu ausersehen, ihren treulosen Fährmann zu ersetzen. Ein vorbeifahrendes Schiff, die Edinburgh Traderrettet ihn, aber Jones befiehlt seinem Kraken, das Schiff zu zerstören. Will Turner war Turner in Venedig, Ruhrpottwache Polizisten Stadt, in der er seine wichtigsten Stadtansichten malte, immer vom Wasser her gesehen.


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